Kinoebi Qartulad
Turquli Serialebi

TV Formula TV Formula is the new Georgian media broadcasting company. It started broadcasting process on October 1, 2019 and aims to be the best TV channel in the country. As the media sources report, this new channel is funded by David Kezerashvili. The owners and the lead members of this new broadcasting television are very smart, talented and well-known journalists and writers. The main group of this channel consists the copywriters and the famous staff of the Formula Creative, which was known for its successful TV shows and other well-made programs. Formula TV already has the big names in their TV program, such as a very famous TV show “Chemi Colis Daqalebi” and etc. The members of this channel are planning to continue the producing process of the high quality TV shows and give a second wind to very creative ideas. This channel soon will be one of the most known TV broadcaster in the Georgia.