Pirveli Arxi Pirveli Arxi Launched in 1956, First Channel is officially part of the Georgian Public Broadcasting - the media community that belongs to Georgian government. Meaning that, every year democratic parliament estimates potential budget of the company and rewards it to the channel as a utility of spreading the word correctly across entire country. At this moment, more than 90% of the entire population can get technically connected to the First Channel, making it one of the most popular one among its competitors despite the fact of having limited budgets.

‘The Narrator’ also known as ‘Moambe’ in Georgian is among the most popular television shows, which has never changed its format since the first launch of the project. Additionally, its content gets translated to various languages such as Armenian and Azerbaijan, increasing the potential reach of the broadcast.

Their latest product, Master Chef, competition of the young culinary talents, also caught people’s attention. Without a doubt, entire program operates under the license of Fox Broadcasting Company, the network that is in charge of providing all the necessary tools for participants and executors for making entire show a success.