Kavkasia TV The majority of Georgians have never heard of Kavkasia TV, the broadcasting channel that specializes in politics-only programs. Without a doubt, media group still is at its early stages of development cause of having close to zero amount of funding to accelerate the growth, leading to being financially independent.
However, the founder and president of the company, Davit Akubardia has been doing its best from 1994 till these days to assist all the existing programs. As a matter of fact, he’s been supporting representatives of the television programs by all means, starting from mentoring journalists properly all the way to providing all the individuals with informative content, helping them understand the political insights of the country.
Currently, Nino Jangirashvili, well-educated journalist is in charge of managing most of the company’s facilities. She was the one, who supported the idea of producing digital media only content and spreading the news by News Reporter channel. However, most of the audience gets fascinated by following TV shows: ‘The Spectrum’, ‘Your Time’, ‘The Stars Tell Us More’ and ‘The Barrier’.