agrotv Agro TV is the new broadcasting station, which started the broadcasting process in the year of 2019, because the demand of the information about the agricultural processes in the country were too high. The creators of this television want to share the knowledge about the agro culture and show the new development in the Georgian agricultural scene. The founders aim to get this television to the level where it will be able to teach and share the well-needed knowledge to the Georgian people in the whole country. Because of this reason, they decided to make the ability to watch the Agro TV totally free and really easy to achieve. This television will broadcast its signals to the well-known platforms as well as the traditional channel wave length in the country.

The viewers of this amazing new broadcasting channel will be able to watch and review the well-made new TV shows and programmes about the agro life and the processes within this cultural genre. The Agro TV will present the shows about the agricultural processes, which will be made by the international partner organisations for the teaching purposes about this subject. As the creators of this new and modern television say, the demand to know more about the agricultural scene in Georgia is really high. This channel aims to be really productive in terms of teaching the facts and the rules about the Agriculture and for example, they will teach the viewers about what to know when they are buying the products in the market.