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RUSTAVI 2 : Broadcasting company Rustavi 2 , which was founded in 1994 , is the most popular and successful television station in Georgia. Rustavi- 2 is a privately owned , the owners of the information in the declaration of conformity . Rustavi 2 airs its TV movies metric channel , and 85% of the population . Rustavi 2 provides a diverse range of high quality licensed programming from up political talk show , entertainment and sports programs , as well as major international events Translation ( Oscar awards ceremony, Miss World …) in Georgian language. Rustavi- 2 – the programs are consistently top rating in Georgia.

MAESTRO : Studio Maestro was formed in February 1995 . It aired on state television channels I and II, a variety of entertainment programs . In 2001, the Maestro TV First Stereo aired for the first time in Georgia, creating music – entertainment channel. They then continued to work in TV in Eureka . Studio Maestro has implemented – More than 50 different projects , some of the television game and lottery . Maestro has always been considered a studio innovator . He was the first in Georgia to create a humorous – the satirical TV show Sa seance , also made the music an entertainment channel and the first to offer the audience the first reality show in the history of the tolerant .Studio Maestro new area of activity Maestro is broadcast advanced television services. Its programs are distributed through cable network in Tbilisi, Mtskheta , Rustavi , Telavi, Kutaisi, Batumi , Poti , as well as a fe other districts .Increasing the area of broadcasting,Maestro prompted the creation of a new concept.To viewers,advertisers,and for easier access to the Maestro in a relationship , increased service faces, new programs under construction

IMEDI : IMEDI was established in 2001 and broadcasts on March 15 , 2003 . At present, the IMEDI was established as a leader in the TV space , and the audience enjoys the trust and interest . IMEDI , the latest generation of high quality TV signals provides technical equipment through Georgian territory . Prompt and impartial spectator covering the news throughout the day yesterday. Georgian TV for the first time , the imedi of licensed products on display . The company will offer the world an adapted version of the popular television formats , Georgian and foreign feature films , television series , documentaries and animated films. Also, offering viewers the world importance of movie , music and other award ceremonies live broadcasting . Bearing in mind the current requirements, the dynamic development of society , TV and the search process of constant renewal . The company aims to produce high- quality, qualitatively new relations with suppliers and clients , in almost all the areas of interest to a wider audience that may spread and TV

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GDS TV : GDS TV- entertainment, music and educational television. Air grid in 2012 , the numbers from the last day of November is filled with different layouts , exciting , innovative and youth projects . TV segment of the young generation, although the channel has already launched a project to show that people of any age group is very interesting. GDS TV broadcasts on cable television and satellite dishes .
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TABULA : Tabula magazine , website and TV through a public offering of an open forum for informed discussion , which will increase public awareness and involvement of citizens to help protect their personal, economic and national freedom.Our goal is to encouraging critical thinking and professional journalism standards , and support the pro-Western orientation , political pluralism and free markets , human rights and the rule of law .With a clear editorial policy , clearly the facts and comments . Our readers and viewers to receive accurate information and a wide range of ideas , which will enable it to analyze different points of view and, as a citizen , to make informed choices.Table of Civic Education Fund was founded by right-wing , libertarian -minded businessmen, financial support. Civic Education Foundation was founded in 2010 . Foundation board members are: Beka Mindiashvili , Ghia Nodia , Queen Chergoleishvili Giga Zedania , Kate Devdariani , David PAITCHADZE , Ramishvili Nino Gogiberidze David Kovziridze Bendukidze , George Lifonava , BAADUR Malazonia , George Pruidze , Mr. Saghinadze , Alex MP .Fund one of the projects in the magazine table , which is published on a weekly basis since March 15, 2010 , is published monthly from November 1, 2013 . In addition, the Weekly Standard magazine is published every month since May 2010 English-language version, which Georgia in the diplomatic corps and foreign non-governmental organizations in the country to offer an analysis of the current processes . In May 2010, through which passes the table information Web site .